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Couples Counseling

Is couples counseling right for you and your partner? How could therapy help support you in creating, recovering, or enhancing the connection you desire in your relationship? What can you expect once you begin working with your therapist?

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling or marriage therapy is for couples who would like to create, recover, or enhance feelings of connection within their relationship. Couples counseling can be helpful for couples experiencing issues such as recovering from lack of intimacy, struggles with arguing and understanding one another, and much more. 


Couples counseling can benefit couples by helping couples:

  • de-escalate conflict by increasing communication skills and conflict resolution skills

  • identifying core relationship issues including understanding how factors such as family of origin, important past events such as trauma, key life transitions, outside stressors, and culture influence your relationship

  • learning new ways to relate to one another by increasing feelings of safety and trust, emotional engagement and vulnerability, responsiveness and connectedness, and shared meaning

Couples Counseling

Prepare/Enrich Counseling

Prepare/Enrich is for couples who are planning on committing in a long-term relationship or are currently committed in a long-term relationship. Research shows that Prepare/Enrich increases quality couple communication, conflict resolution skills, and couple satisfaction. It has been the number one premarital and marital assessment for the past 35 years with over 1200 articles supporting it’s validity and reliability!

During this weekend workshop, couples will:

•Celebrate their strengths and identify their growth areas.

•Dialogue about their relationship in meaningful and productive


•Increase practical relationship skills such as communication,

managing stress, conflict resolution, closeness & flexibility, and

financial management.

•Increase understanding of common relationship sticking points

such as relationship roles, personality, spirituality, affection and

sex, and navigating families of origin.

 As part of this workshop package, each couple will receive:

•An online relationship assessment prior to the workshop.

• A 30 min. private consultation with the presenter about your

relationship goals prior to the workshop.

• An opportunity to participate in a hands-on, interactive, and intimate learning environment with only four couples per workshop.

• A customized workbook tailored to your relationship needs and

goals that incorporate your assessment results.

•A date night ideas magnet and other prizes that will help

enhance your relationship.

•Complimentary breakfasts, snacks, and access to onsite

restaurants for independent lunches.

Premarital Counseling

Bringing Baby Home

Bringing Baby Home is a program for couples who are planning on conceiving or adopting, currently pregnant, or recently had a baby. The transition to parenthood is a wonderful and challenging time for families.  According to Gottmans' research, 67% of couples are less satisified after the baby arrives than they were before. Reasons for this include increased fighting, more miscommunication, more emotionality, and hurt feelings.


By using the tools that you will learn in this program, new parents can learn to:

  • become better communicators, increase their friendship, and increase their intimacy

  • help positively impact their new baby's develpment

  • decrease the risk for post-partum depression

Bringing Baby Home
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